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Wind Simulator DIY Kit

Wind Simulator DIY Kit

We are working on providing a kit of components without electronic :
air tubes,
flexible/movable arms,
plastic parts

On wish you will can fit your own PC fans with your own electronic.
That way, people will can access the special high end design we have learned to design during the years to get the best of Wind Simulator for the lower price.

3D render Work In Progress Diy Wind Simultor Plastic Part
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I start all my simulator apps with one push button!

I start all my simulator apps with one push button!

The application is made for you, it’s free for all ! Watch the quick video below to see how I use it.

If it detects any USB device from, it allows to use any button of any connected gaming device to start your apps like I do in the video. I use the mini button box (you can buy – click here to see –). You can also get a real key like in your car, when you turn the key, it can start your apps but also your computer!

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Working on next incoming product

We want to make available a manual fan.
Why ?

To answer to the people who want to get best of the fan system good looking but a lower price.
If the electronic part is ride of, the price will fall a lot.

We will keep some good features we have learned all along the years.
Yes, for more than 5 years we design some fan systems.
Now we can make a huge difference in design to lower noise and enhance power.

The kit will be plug and play, as usually.
Plug the power outlet, then turn the button to make less or more fan.

We keep using our special FAN design for best power in compact size. 120mmx40mm for even more airflow that you would ever need.
Also, it’s the best way to keep enough airflow with less noise.
We have try so many fan (from PC world and industrial providers) than we can open a museum ^^

So keep in touch !

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Prost, Grosjean and Dumas have tested R’Fun!

Prost, Grosjean and Dumas have tested R’Fun!

Thanks to JCL, three famous real life French drivers have tested the R’Fun fan system!

You can watch them onboard of the JCL V4 Ultimate  (2 pics and 3 videos below)

NicolasProst onboard with R'Fun system
Nicolas Prost onboard with R’Fun system


RomainGrosjean onboard with R'Fun system
Romain Grosjean onboard with R’Fun


Romain Dumas(click to open wikipedia) :

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Nicolas Prost (click to open wikipedia) :

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Romain Grosjean (click to open wikipedia) :

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SimExpo 2018

Thanks to our partner JCL Simracing, we were pesent at the SimExpo 2018 to show You our products. Especially the new fan system. You can see pictures of the systems installed on the JCL cockpits.

Thanks to Simracingcclh to share pictures 🙂


Single exit fan system with red color on top of the incredible JCL V4 Ultimate:


Both fan systems on the really beautiful JCL seat and JCL V2:


Twin fan with two exits :