CSR/CSP Brake adjust mod

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for Fanatec CSR Elite and Clubsport V2
[FANTEC PARTS NOT INCLUDED – not a spare part]
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Tune your brake pedal sensitivity (= load cell gain) DIRECTLY FROM YOUR WHEEL BASE. 

You can now have your brake pedal sensitivity adjustment potentiometer within the reach of your hands.

– No longer need to bend down to find the button near your feet
– No longer need to stop driving to tune how the brakes react to your inputs
– Pedal sensitivity is now ready to be fine adjusted in a few seconds during races – it could help for long ones!
It is also very usefull when you change from a car to another or even from a game to another
– Now you can read the value you just set: you should take notes for next time!
– Easy to install anywhere you have a M6 hole
– The CSW wheel base has 4 free M6 threadings, let’s use them!
– The extension cable is 1.5m (60″) long, it is enough even if you are very tall. For specific cases, it is possible to use 2 extension cables to make a 3m one.

The kit includes:

– A 1.5m (60″) reinforced hand made extension cable
– A black 3D printed adapter
– A special black screw
– 3cm (12″) shrinkable tube to protect/hide connectors



On a CSR elite:

You need a phillips screwdriver n°2 and an Allen key 5mm

– unmount the back protection of your csr and connect the extention cable instead of the previous potentiometer’s cable on the motherboard
– make a clean cable path through the holes
– unmount the aluminium plate that supports the potentiometer from the pedals base
– use 2 of the 3 screws to mount that plate on the black box adapter provided
– mount the potentiometer to the opposite side of the provided extension cable and secure the connection with the shrinkable tube. It retracts with a lighter (do not put in the flame directly), heat gun also works
– choose the new location of your gain control, it is good to have it near your fingers, behind your wheel on your csw base for example. Be careful not to accidentally actuate it.

On a Clubsport v2:

You need to be a good mechanic, it is harder than on csr elite. Mounting the brake mod on the csr elite is a snap but mounting it on the clubsport v2 is a challenge (because of very small swrews not easy to access). You also need very small screwes for clubsport v2, there are not provided. So be sure to be ready to use small pliers and small screwdriver in very tight place before going!



The original product and its warranty (during Period) are independent of HSR but could be altered by using/installing the brake mod. Nevertheless, HSR can’t be considered responsible for any failure on the original product after installing or using the mod. It has been tested with perfect results during a long time on many pedals sets.

2 reviews for CSR/CSP Brake adjust mod

  1. Fred

    It’s just great !

  2. Francky (verified owner)

    Way more practical to have the potentiometer at hand, especially for guys like me that swith regularly between several games like Assetto Corsa and iRacing and the feeling of the pedal is completely different, and I just have to use that handy to have this feeling much more realistic!

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