HSR AppStarterKey Software Install

With the AppStarterKey, you can choose up to 15 applications +1 website +1 keyboard sequence to start at the same time or delayed from each other with a simple action on an external button.

=> scroll down to download – it’s free for all !

So, now, You can launch all your simracing apps just turning the KEY or pushing a button – or both together to get more secure! Like if your start your engine in real world car, here You start all your apps to quickly be ready on track with ease! (You need one of our keys or any other button connected to an UC3 USB card)If no HSR device connected, you still can use the app but only clicking on the manual test button with your mouse.

You can only use an external button (on your wheel, on your button box …) if you have one of our USB card connected to your computer. AppStarterKey starts with windows so you just have to push on the magic button.

(Click here to get help for keyboard sequence if needed)

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