TH8 MOD: Short Gears Plates – Sandwich

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Original price was: 25,77€.Current price is: 22,97€.

You need at least one “long swrews kit”. Currently available in the shop.

You could also enhance durability and feeling with a “protection kit”.

4/5/6 or 7 short gears sandwich shifter plates for the TH8 (you can buy it on amazon)

/!\ The reverse gear is not taken into account: 7 gears shifter plates is 7+reverse

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Easily transform your Thrustmaster TH8rs into a SHORT shifter.

KEEP THE ORIGINAL DESIGN: this SANDWICH short plate takes place under the original metal one


You only need to replace the 4 screws with longer ones and your done:

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Design has quite changed since 2017.
It has been modified to keep as much as possible original feeling of the TH8. Now most of the plastic never touch TH8 axis, it only “remove” what it has to remove (Gears in excess), no more.


NEWS: You can put your Allen key inside the plate to keep it close to your TH8! (Look to pictures)

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Get a TH8A on amazon for a low price:

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4, 5, 6, 7

1 review for TH8 MOD: Short Gears Plates – Sandwich

  1. Francky (verified owner)

    this H plate fit nicely and allows to keep the original look while removing the useless 7th gear, it completely fills its part, the short shift makes the shifting more snappy, the only minor drawback is that it also change a little the sensation of the shifting. The plate in itself is quite sturdy. Recommended! 😉

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