Fan Kit – R’Fun PRO V2.3 (Dual Exits)


R’Fun PRO V2.3 (Dual Exits)
High-end ventilation system / wind simulator, add a “4D effect” to your simulation.
A Fan Kit with all you need to upgrade your simulator with ease (plug’n play).
Designed for racing centers and now available for Simracers.
Hand made in France since 2018, sold in 52 countries. (FR: pas de douane en France)
Sébastien Loeb owns one since 2022.

Usually shipped next day of order.
Power cable included regarding your shipping address (mainly US, EU, UK or AU plugs)

68 compatible GAMES (click to see the list).
SimHub OFFICIALLY compatible, just enable it in wind section.

UltraSport Fan Exit

UltraSport Fan Exit
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UltraSport Fan Exit
V2.3 update, click to zoom


Optional screws to install it in your rig:
Get screw and nut kit for aluminium profiles here.
Get  adapters to use your own smaller screws here.




Frequently Bought Together

Sim Racing Wind Simulator+++Mounted clamping collar mounted+DUAL KIT+
Price for all:   568,48


R’Fun PRO V2.3 Key Features

  1. FEEL THE SPEED ! Experience the sensation of speed like never before!
  2. The air flow is controlled by the speed of the car in game, simulating wind for a more immersive experience.
  3. Our kit features real-world motorsport components, such as a PorscheCUP-like or Mercedes air exits.
  4. Our kit is officially compatible with SimHub (68 GAMES)
    Just enable
    R’Fun PRO V2 in the wind menu and it’s ready to use!
    Use multiple R’Fun at once, Left/Right channels for dual air flow, in-car static fan + simulated wind…)
  5. The fan not only provides a realistic feel of speed, but also cools the driver.
  6. The fan motor noise is also synchronized with the in-game speed, enhancing the immersive experience even more.
  7. As you get closer to the car in front of you, you’ll feel the rush of wind intensify, simulating the real-life sensation of drafting. This feature gives a more immersive feel by making it seem like you’re truly catching up and about to overtake. However, it only works with games that provide real-time player position data in their telemetry, so games like iRacing, which don’t offer this data, won’t support this effect.
  8. Our kit delivers more air flow than you will ever need, surpassing the output of any Noctua or other computer fans.
  9. Aeronautical engineering techniques are utilized to minimize airflow turbulence and noise.
  10. The kit features oversized electronics specifications to provide long-lasting, reliable performance.
  11. Our kit stands out from other vendors who may use DIY cheap Arduino board: We use a dedicated USB C circuit board instead, to ensure reliability and optimal performance.
  12. For advanced users, the R’Fun documentation is available: click here if you want to read it.


More details

  1. This kit is the official option of Sebastien Loeb’s simulator that can be found on
  2. The air exits can be moved while driving for a more immersive experience.
  3. The kit is easy to install on aluminum profiles and other rig setups.
  4. This is a plug-and-play kit, requiring only a power cable, a USB-C cable, and SimHub installation (no drivers required for Windows).
  5. The tube size is endless as extension tubes can be ordered from the components section (click here to view).
  6. The kit includes 0.85 meter long tubes (at least).
  7. The external diameters of the tube and aluminum air exit are 85mm and 96mm, respectively (at their bigger diameters).
  8. The V2.3 box fits in a cube with inner dimensions of 20.5 x 16.5 by 13.1cm height.
  9. Wind force can be controlled using button boxes or wheel buttons, even when not driving (in pit, on desktop, in other games, etc.).
  10. Switching from game to game and car to car requires nothing to do.
  11. Building a DIY wind simulator with SimHub is no longer necessary. Simply purchase this kit and follow the easy installation process, which requires only 3 clicks to start using the wind feature.
  12. The V2 has been re-engineered based on optimal results from airflow simulation, compared to the discontinued V1. The V2.3 has new improved design and an USB C connector.

=> If you are an organisation/company and you want to customise specs for your race center, please contact us.


More information

Our FAN kit boasts a cutting-edge combination of aeronautical engineering and high-end 3D printing technology, making it as close to perfection as possible. We’ve rigorously tested the kit under the harshest conditions and incorporated feedback from our esteemed partners and customers to ensure that it meets the highest standards.

If you’re a dedicated simracer or an arcade owner looking for top-of-the-line wind simulators/fan systems, look no further than our FAN kit. We’ve conducted extensive research to ensure that our product meets all your needs, including powerful air flow, quiet operation, long-lasting durability, sleek design, seamless integration, user-friendly ergonomics, and easy operation.

In addition, our kit features custom electronics with microcontroller firmware that’s lightweight and reliable for years to come. It’s also designed to be hassle-free, with no crashes and far superior to other Arduino-based products. Just install it and activate the wind in SimHub with just three mouse clicks. With our FAN kit, you can take your simulation experience to the next level.

Our commitment to delivering top-quality experiences to sim racing enthusiasts has always been at the forefront of our brand. We take pride in crafting our products by hand individually, and upgrading them over time based on customer feedback.





Since 2018, it was sold in 52 countries.
Since 2022, Sébastien LOEB owns one in his very high end JCL simracing.
One of our professional clients uses his one on real world Rally events, in a trailer with a motion simulator: Even under bad weather conditions and direct sun exposure with full day duration opening…“That FAN kit is bullet proof” he said.

Video of year 2019 (since there are a lot of upgrades but the video stills funny)

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Video of Sébastien LOEB from our Partner JCL Simracing

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Prost, Grosjean and Dumas have tested R’Fun!


Last update on 1st june, 2024:
– specs update


Additional information


Black, Blue, Gold, Purpule, Red, Silver, UltraSport

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    marcel Gremmer:
    not as cheap as what I had before. I drive with simlan with the option where I can set the wind curve. feels softer. great product..

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