Fan Kit – R’Fun PRO V2 (Dual Exits) Manual Version


R’Fun PRO V2 (Dual Exits)
-> MANUAL  version, no USB cable
The appearance of the product remains the same, the back part has no hole for the USB cable nor power switch is the only change.

A Fan Kit with all you need to add ventilation into your simulator with ease (just turn the power button to make more or less wind power).
This manual version provides greater flexibility than USB version for those who prefer a more traditional in-car ventilation  setup.
Designed for racing centers and now available for Simracers.
Hand made in France since 2018, sold in 52 countries. (FR: pas de douane en France)
Sébastien Loeb owns an USB verion since 2022.

UltraSport Fan Exit


Usually shipped next day of order, sometime it takes a few more days.

Power cable included regarding (US, or EU) – Outside US and EU, you will need a power plug adapter.

High-end ventilation system / wind simulator, add a “4D effect” to your simulation.

Optional screws to install it in your rig:
Get screw and nut kit for aluminium profiles here.
Get  adapters to use your own smaller screws here.




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Fan Kit - R'Fun PRO V2 (Dual Exits) Manual Version - front+++Mounted clamping collar mounted+DUAL KIT+
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R’Fun PRO V2 Key Manual Version Features

– compatible with any game on PC, PLASTATION and XBOX
–  you control the air flow to feel more or less cooling, like simulating the car’s ventilation
– real world motorsport components, PorscheCUP-like air exit
– cooling the driver while keeping an immersive feeling
– more air flow that you will ever need, a lot more than any Noctua or other computer fans
– aeronautical engineering to lower airflow turbulence/noise

– oversized electronics specs to be used all along the day/the years
– the external power source features a button to control fan speed and power off all components when turned to zero


More details

– same appearance of the official product used on the Sebastien Loeb’s simulator –
– move the air exit while driving
– easy to install on aluminium profile and other setup
– plug’n play: a power cable, that’s all
– endless tube size (extension tubes can be ordered, you may see components section click here)
– 1 meter long tubes
– external diameters: Tube is 85mmn, aluminium air exit is 96mm (at their bigger diameters)
– the V2 box fits in a cube that has inner dimensions of 20,5×16,5 by 13,1cm height
– no more need to build your DIY WIND SIMULATOR with SIMHUB, just buy a kit, it’s easy ton install and 3 clicks are needed to start your game with a new wind feature
– compared to the discontinued V1, the V2 has been re-engineered according to the optimal results of airflow simulation

If you are an organisation/compagny and you want to customise specs for your race center, please contact us.


More information

As a serious Simracer or a professional Arcade Owner, you would be proud to own one of the best ventilation simulators / fan systems. Our FAN kit is the result of long researches getting the right hardware to match the needs regarding air flow power, noise, durability, size, design, integration, ergonomic and ease of use. Aeronautical engineering and high end 3D printing technology is the combo we are using to make it close to the perfection.
After years of tests under worst conditions, you can have the benefits of the best efforts we could have made with all our great partners and the help of clients’ feedbacks. You can use it while playing game on your computer PC, Xbox Series, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Steam Deck …
Just install and turn the power button !



Since 2018, it was sold in 52 countries.
Since 2022, Sébastien LOEB owns the USB version in his very high end JCL Simulator.
One of our professional clients uses his one on real world Rally events, in a trailer with a simulator. Even under bad weather conditions and direct sun exposure with full day duration opening…“That FAN kit is bullet proof” he said.


Video of Sébastien LOEB from our Partner JCL Simulators

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YouTube player

Last update on Fev 15, 2023:
– new video
– new pictures

Additional information

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Black, Blue, Gold, Purpule, Red, Silver, UltraSport


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